Drumkeerin Community News

Rowanberry Enterprises AGM

Rowanberry Enterprises AGM

The annual general meeting of Rowanberry Enterprises Ltd will be held in the Rowantree Centre on Monday, April 15th commencing at 8pm. All welcome.

Waste Silage Plastic

Waste Silage Plastic will be collected at Drumshanbo Mart on Tuesday April 16th and at Manorhamilton Mart on Tuesday, April 23rd between 9am and 5pm. For more information phone 071-96662781 or 086-2521699.

Drumkeerin Drama Weekend

Drumkeerin Drama Group presents Bernard Farrell’s renowed comedy play, “Say Cheese!” in Drumkeerin on Friday, April 19th, Saturday, April 20th and Sunday, April 21st. “Say Cheese!” is not only a comedy. It has an intriguing storyline which will keep audiences laughing and guessing as to the outcome right up to the end.

Bridie and Valentine Fagan have won the much coveted prize of “Ireland’s Happiest Couple” sponsored by Celtic Cheese.

However when the sponsors decide to re-enact the wedding of exactly thirty years earlier (for advertising purposes of course), little did they expect that in the re-enactment the wedding party and of that day thirty years earlier would bring with them so many dark secrets which as they unfold present the audience with drama, suspense and great comedy.

The play is directed by Pat Duignan with stage manager Peggy Horan, John Flynn on lighting and sound, Thomas McHugh on set and Maresa McGovern in the backroom co-ordination.

The cast of twelve consists of four ladies: Donna Keaveney, Paula Connaire, Ethel McVeigh and Margaret O’Rourke and eight men: Seamus Gallagher, Thomas Duignan, Joseph McNiffe, David Morrow, Packie McPartlan, Thomas McHugh, Joe Walpole and Andrew Redican.

Community Spirit

Time and time again, people from other parts of the county and indeed from much further afield have spoken in awe of the marvellous developments that various voluntary groups have brought to Drumkeerin.

Invariably they add that Drumkeerin Village and approach roads have improved so dramatically from what it was like years ago.

Reading that the annual general meeting of Rowanberry Enterprises will be held on Monday, April 15th, I started to reflect on what voluntary community efforts had brought to this community.

Over the last five decades, starting with Muintir na Tire, very many people in very many organisations have given most generously and unselfishy of their time to transform and renew this community.

Today there is hardly another rural community that can boast of so many organisations, so many people working for its welfare and have provided so many amenities. It is worth listing them.

For very often people can take them for granted, not stopping to think of how they come there and how or who keeps them going.

Coming into the village on the Manorhamilton Road, there is the Community Centre, Heritage Centre and Resource Centre and the Enterprise/Units. On your right going up Main Street is the Rowantree Centre.

Across the road is the Credit Union House. Going out at the top of the village, the Youth Club Centre (the old Courthouse transformed). Down below in the valley one first encounters a spacious car park.

Next comes the Handball Sports and Leisure Centre and then we find Pairc Naomh Bhride, winner of Co. Leitrim GAA Grounds in 2012. On the back lane is Aras Bhride. Did the voluntary group envisage that such a facility would one day come to Drumkeerin when they opened St. Brigid’s Hostel on MainS treet on February 1st 1987.

Truly voluntary groups have done phenomenal things for Drumkeerin yet in other areas the village has experienced shocking decline.

There are many who can recall when the village had two hardware shops, two or three draperies and shoeshops, several grocery outlets, etc. Did we miss opportunities?

Yes, voluntary work has done much and still does much for our community. So many give generously of their time. So many more could do so. Rowanberry Enterpries is crying out for new blood with new energy and ideas. Some of the members go back to 1969 when Drumkeerin Development Association was formed.

Others go back to 1986 when the Community Council replaced Drumkeerin Development Association.

So it is time for an injection. The meetings are once a month. Don’t leave it to others.