Adjudicator praises Dromod’s dedication as one of Ireland’s tidiest villages

Dromod claimed it’s 34th consecutive title as Leitrim’s tidiest town this year with 308 points which was also rewarded with a Gold Medal.

Dromod claimed it’s 34th consecutive title as Leitrim’s tidiest town this year with 308 points which was also rewarded with a Gold Medal.

The Adjudication Reports in the SuperValu Tidy Towns Competition are very detailed documents and here we will just give an outline of the findings.

The Adjudicator this year paid their first visit to the Shannonside village and stated their first impressions did not disappoint.

“The level of dedication and commitment given by all involved in presenting and maintaining Dromod as one of the tidiest villages in Ireland was apparent on adjudication day.

“You will see as your read down this report your efforts are paying off and this adjudicator believes you are edging closer to your goal of winning the national title,” said the Adjudicator which bodes well for the future.

Max. Mark Mark awarded

Overall Development Approach 50 44

The Built Environment 50 42

Landscaping 50 42

Wildlife and Natural Amenities 50 31

Litter Control 50 39

Tidiness 30 21

Waste Minimisation 20 12

Residential Areas 40 30

Roads, Streets and Back Areas 50 38

General Impression 10 9

General Impression

Once we had a chance to explore your delightful rural village and delve further into your workload and activities it is clear that the committee members and Dromod Development Association, supported by your band of volunteers are consistently working hard throughout the year to enhance the village and to promote a sustainable community that both young and old can be proud of. You have been very successful this year and are going from strength to strength. We hope you are proud of your achievements and wish you the best of luck for the competition next year.

Second round adjudication

Dromod is a delightful little village that is a pleasure to visit. It possesses a number of lovely amenities, attractions and buildings, all of which were visited by the adjudicator.

The Main Street of the village is stunning with its intact historical core of traditional two-storey dwellings, all of which are presented to a high standard as well as the very attractive commercial premises such as O’Connor’s, Cox’s Steakhouse, the Credit Union and Walshe’s Properties.

A little further down, it is a shame to see that a number of the newer commercial units are vacant and one hopes that occupiers can be found soon. Despite the vacant buildings, it is pleasing to note that their appearance has not suffered as a result. The focal point of the village appears to be the junction where the large landscaped area provides a significant feature of itself.

The lovely colours and the wide range of plants species on display was admired. The range of features of interest such as the pump, the well and fountain provide further interest.

The seating area is a nice addition and the miniature house and sculpture were also observed and admired. Opposite, the covered picnic area, which appears to be designed in the style of an old bandstand, is another distinctive feature. The landscaping on display around this area was excellent and a highlight for the adjudicator.

The stunning range of plants species used, the high standard of maintenance observed and the colours on display combined to provide a landscaping scheme that significantly enhances the centre of the village.

The work of the committee in the area of wildlife was also observed with the butterfly garden (with allotments attached) close to the Garda station observed and admired and the mural with types of butterfly was lovely.

The nature trail adjacent to Warren View (along with its interpretive signage) provides a lovely amenity for locals and tourists alike. The adjudicator particularly liked the visit to the harbour, which is an amenity of the highest order.

It is heartening to see that attention was paid to every detail in the harbour area as its mature trees, trimmed grass, landscaping (encapsulated in a boat), picnic tables and seating areas all help to provide a high quality amenity space. It was also pleasing to see that interpretive signage has also been provided at the Harbourside.

The adjudicator was unable to find the new man-made pond adjacent to the fairways. Would it be possible to have a sign provided for 2013?

The standard of litter control observed during adjudication was high, with virtually no litter spotted in the village and aside from some isolated incidents on the Coonagh road (close to the fairways), the village was litter free.

Well done to the committee on their work on weed control, verge and footpath maintenance as no weeds were visible. A small improvement would be possible by cleaning the black and white directional signs at the railway bridge and at the Shannon Cove entrance to the village. It was also surprising to note that the speed limit signage on the Coonagh approach road and the road leading to Mohill were in need of maintenance. It is great see that segregated bins are being used as there is little doubt that they will boost recycling rates, particularly amongst tourists and visitors who may be unfamiliar with the location of your bring bank.

A number of residential areas were observed during adjudication and Shannon Cove was considered to be a highlight with its excellent rockery in the centre. However, the adjudicator was quite surprised to find that a gated development was in place in part of the estate. It is pleasing to note that the residential areas that appear to have some vacant dwellings all achieve a good standard of presentation and you are commended on your residential areas action plan that is referred to in your entry form. The approach roads into Dromod were all generally good and display clear signs of maintenance and planting.

The adjudicator thoroughly enjoyed the second round adjudication visit to Dromod and it is clear that the organised, determined and hard-working approach of the committee is proving successful as the appearance of your village continues to improve markedly from year to year. Keep up the good work and best of luck for 2013.