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Killargue Community Supper

Killargue Community Supper

Well what a disappointing turn out on 2nd February! Couldn’t have been the weather keeping people at home as it wasn’t too bad at all on Saturday. Couldn’t have been a low turn out at Mass as the church was quite full. Couldn’t have been lots of events there are not a lot of events taking place currently.

Couldn’t have been that people didn’t know the supper was taking place as there were posters and flyers in Drumkeerin, Dromahair, Killargue and Manorhamilton AND the priest made two references to it at Mass.

So why did SO few people bother to turn up? Doesn’t bode well for building a successful event in August! A decision will be made at the next Killargue Community meeting, due to be held on 13th February, as to whether the whole August event is to be abandoned and the money returned. More on this next event in the next item of these notes.

Apart from Killargue Development Association members, only 5 members of the community turned up! Thank you to those 5 people who worked hard at the group work when ideas were being put forward and developed. There were apologies from a very few people but those apologies wouldn’t have brought the attendance to 25!

Even so, lots of work was done, starting from the basic ideas that have been mentioned here before: Mass on Thursday 15th August, followed by a tea at the Community Centre with live music from local musicians. Maybe a car treasure hunt between the 5 closed schools on the Friday followed by a Race Night in Reynolds Bar that evening.

Reminiscence walks and talks to the 5 schools on the Saturday, maybe a hill walk up to O’Donnel’s Rock, maybe a fun-run between the schools and a ‘banquet’ on Saturday night. Maybe a football tournament for the budding footballers in the community, also on Saturday. A bouncy castle on the tennis court or at the Community Centre was also suggested!

A photographic exhibition of Killargue life and times, centred around the 5 schools with involvement from teachers who taught in them would provide a living history that could even be published? And on Sunday maybe an ecumenical service before a Parish Breakfast and farewell. Good ideas, none of which can happen without groups of people coming together to take leads on each event. HELP! If you’d like to see this event go forward!

The food was great! There was hot and cold savoury dishes. sandwiches, cakes, scones, things on sticks and lashings of tea. Thank you to ALL those who pitched up with food, ideas and enthusiasm. Lets hope it’s not all to no avail.

Crochet group

Crochet group back together from Thursday 7th February. The group meets each Thursday between 8-10pm in the Community Centre. Come along for a gentle evening of skilled work and chat.

Community Meeting

Another date for your diary please, Wednesday 13th February. This will be the decider meeting regarding whether or not the August Killargue Schools Reunion will go ahead. Killargue Development Association members are asking that, based on the ideas outlined in the item about the Community Supper, local people come to the meeting prepared to get involved with putting on the events. No one is expected to work alone but equally the Committee cannot undertake all the work involved themselves. The meeting will start at 8pm. It’s Ash Wednesday so it shouldn’t be difficult to remember to go along. Please do.

Sean McDermott Boxing Tournament

I don’t know anything about boxing, do you? The event starts in Killargue Community Centre on 15th February at 8pm, for all you aficionados!

Happy Gardeners

Meeting on Saturday 16th February, starting at 2pm. Janice and Ed’s house will be the place to be for all things garden-related. For directions call Janice or Ed on 087-2147453 or 087-6973633.

Early raffle warning!

The Killargue Apostolic Group are planning to hold a raffle fairly soon. First prize will be a handmade crochet, quilted full size bedspread, Second prize will be handmade patchwork baby pram cover and third prize, a fruit hamper. Tickets will cost €2 per line and will be on sale shortly.

EPA ToR-Public Consultation

Should anyone be interested in knowing more about this consultation process, or be interested in putting together a community response then please contact me at the numbers given at the top of the notes and I’ll organise some advice and guidance so that a local voice can be heard. Closure date for responses is 8th March so we would need to get together within the next 2 weeks.

So, as ever, please remember....

Without you there’s nothing to share, so anything that happened yesterday, is happening today or expected to happen tomorrow that may be of interest to our community, then please let me know at the number/address at the top of these notes and I’ll spread the word!