Ballinamuck-Moyne-Arva Community News

Bingo in Arva

Bingo in Arva

Big prizes including one thousand in 2 parts paid out every week. Your support would be welcomed and the usual bus service, the same as Carrigallen. Bingo in Drumreilly every Friday night at 8.30pm. Ballinamore Bingo takes place in Ballinamore every Tuesday night with good prizes to be won each week.

Walkers urged to wear hi-vis vests

The RSA has again urged walkers or joggers to wear high-visibility vests so that they can be clearly seen by motorists. But there are still some who ignore warnings and as a result get some unfortunate person in big trouble if knocked down. The vest only costs a few Euro.

Non runner on drink driving

The controversy surrounding the suggestion by Kerry councillor Danny Healy-Rea that rural folk should be allowed to drive to the pub and have three pints and drive home continues. It’s a non-starter and would make a laughing stock of the present law. How many would stop at three pints? None. He says people are depressed at home - nonsense. Alcohol causes depression when abused. The hospitals are fulll at weekends as a result of too much drink. People have far too much to do at home nowadays. The whole episode is a cod. Why does Mr Healy-Rea not put on a bus to bring his clients to his pub and home? This item won’t work as it’s another Kerry joke.