Corraleehan-Aughawillan Community News

Correleehan Heritage and Culture

Correleehan Heritage and Culture

Correleehan Heritage and Culture Society invite friends, neighbours, past pupils and those who are just a little curious to the showing of “The Country Boy” written by John Murphy and produced and directed by Frank Cadam in Clogher National School on Friday, February 22nd and Saturday, February 23rd at 8.30pm sharp.

Pre-booking is essential in what is sure to be an exciting two nights of laughter and tears with a broadranging cast from Rooskey, Keshcarrigan and Corraleehan showing that community spirit is alive and well in South Leitrim. Admission on both nights will be €10. For further information regarding bookings etc you should contact Joanne at 087-9233716 or Helen at 087-3130849.

North West Hospice

On this coming weekend, February 9th and 10th, collections for the North West Hospice will be held at both churches and indeed all churches in the general Ballinamore area. Your support for this very worthy cause will be welcomed.

St. Vincent de Paul

St. Brigid’s Conference Ballinamore would like to thank all the good people who donated to our 2012 Christmas Collection. Your contributions of money, toys and household items were very welcome and have been distributed to people in our local community. People’s generosity this year was fantastic and it helped to make Christmas very special for many families. We thank all of you who support us in any way throughout the year. SVDP confidental mobile number is 087-9360562.

‘Love Thy Neighbour’ in Aughawillan

Aughawillan Drama Troupe is presenting its second offering ‘Love Thy Neighbour’ by Jimmy Keary in Aughawillan Community Centre on Thursday 14th, Friday 15th, Saturday 16th and Sunday, 17th February at 8.30pm each night. A great night’s entertainment is guaranteed. Produced by Tommy Moran, this play is yet another comedy, which will have audiences rolling in the aisles. So come early to avoid disappointment.

What’s New Pussycat?

During last week and despite the overcast conditions one began to hear phrases like “There’s a bully stretch on the evenings” agus rudaí mar sin. One could hardly attribute it to the “expansion with heat and contraction with cold” as on most January days it would “freeze the assets” on the proverbial brass monkey. As for rainfall inches, or we should say feet, there is the medical term, “incontinence” and such incontinence rained supereme for the 31 day duration and alas is untreatable by even the most highly qualified surgeons.

It would seem that the only remedy would be to install large kettle-like elements in the Gulf Stream which according to boffins has cooled by an alarming 30% since 1992 and has the major say where our climate is concerned but the “ESB bills” made up mostly of so-called standing charges and VAT would shock all and sundry.

You have to hand it to the people of Corraleehan who while many others continue to carry out “post mortems” on the Celtic Tiger RIP, formed the Heritage and Culture Society mentioned above and are now involved in such projects as restoring Clogher School to its former glory, restoring local river bridges to their original appearances and even having a play staged for two nights in the building mentioned above.

The Corraleehan Heritage and Culture Society made the wise decision of enlisting the service of drama producer, Frank Cadam who in the year 2002 discovered the latent acting talent of actors like Pat Rehill who along with Jim Smith had audiences rolling in the proverbial aisles with laughter while playing Bishop and Priest, together they in “full battle dress” straight from the church sacristy in the play “The Field”, and via Scor Sinsir, the gifted Tracey and Kevin McTague who will perform in The Country Boy alongside Pat Rehill and the cast members from Keshcarrigan and Rooskey mentioned above.

There’s the old saying, “success breeds success” and undoutedly all from the two half parishes will seat themselves in Clogher chairs for the duration of the staging of The Country Boy. Your absence could lead to the Biblical “weeping and gnashing of teeth”.