Poll: Are you planning to come home to Leitrim for Christmas?

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Poll: Are you planning to come home to Leitrim for Christmas?

Are you planning to come home this Christmas?

I am coming home to Lovely Leitrim this Christmas

No, this year I am not returning to Leitrim for Christmas 

Plans not decided yet

As preparations begin for Christmas, we are asking you do you plan to come home to Leitrim for Christmas?

Whether you live in Donegal, Cork, Belfast, Dublin, London, Hong Kong or New York do you hope to be joining your family back home in Leitrim for the big Christmas Day dinner?

Ireland’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Tony Holohan told politicians this week that there is a “substantial risk associated with international travel” at the moment.

As Ireland continues its battle against COVID-19 – and neighboring England goes into a belated month-long lockdown on Thursday – Holohan warned the Oireachtas Transport Committee of the continuing risks of international travel.

He said that if testing of airline passengers is introduced, it would still be “efficient” to mandate a five to seven day period of restricted movement, with a symptom check on day five – and even this approach can still miss up to 15 percent of imported cases.

Holohan’s observations prompted concern within families planning Christmas reunifications with overseas members.  They remain in the dark over whether they will have permission to travel home for Christmas.

Holohan said it was not possible to look forward past a period of six weeks to Christmas plans.