The great tea divide

Whose side are you on?

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

The great tea divide

So what's your choice for the perfect cup of tea?

Lyons tea is the only choice

Barry's is better

Tea? Are you kidding? I drink only double expresso coffee...with no sugar (I'm just that tough)

Caffeine is, like, soooo bad for for you - herbal tea for me thanks

There are different brands of tea? God they all taste the same to me

There is an age old argument that seems to rear its ugly head at least twice a week in our office - just what makes the perfect cup of tea.

I'm not saying it's come to blows in the tearoom, but let's just say there are a few purists in our office who won't hear of Barry's or Lyons or, in some cases, tea with actual caffeine in it.

So our question on this miserable Wednesday afternoon is:

What do you think makes the perfect cup of tea?