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What do you think is an acceptable gift for First Communion?


Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

What do you think is an acceptable monetary gift for First Communion?

Children are getting a LOT more money for their Communion these days.

It's a religious occasion and suitable gifts should be given, not money.

A maximum of €20 should be given

Between €20 to €40

€50 should be given

According to the 2017 Ulster bank Communion Survey, children are receiving, on average, €570 in gifts for their First Communion. This is up slightly on figures for last year where children received €546 on average in monetary gifts.

The survey went on to state that one in four children actually received €800 or more for their First Communion while a small percentage were given in excess of €1,000 for what is, supposed to be, a religious celebration.

So our question today is what do you think should be given to children on their First Communion?