Nothing is going to derail us

John Connolly


John Connolly

The controversy over the dropping of four players is well and firmly behind Leitrim according to George Dugdale.

The joint manager talked to the Observer of the decision to drop Wayne McKeon, Tomas & Conor Beirne and Shane Moran and the resulting fall-out on the internet, saying “Look, these things happen and we dealt with them on the night the way that we felt was right as managers, in a way which we have consistently done since we have taken charge.

“As I’ve said before, there are no winners in this. As for social media websites and all that, thankfully, I don’t subscribe to them or engage with keyboard warriors who hide behind pseudonyms, I don’t have any interest in that. We’ve moved on big time since then and nothing is going to derail us.”

The loss of Paddy Maguire is another blow to Leitrim but one that George is sanguine about – “That is part and parcel of football, you get the set-backs, you have to take them and move on and thankfully, we have a good strong squad and there are people waiting in the wings to take his place.

“It is up to the medical personnel to assess Paddy’s injury and see where he is at. Fortunately, we have plenty of back-up in the back-line so we have to move on.”

Neither is George underestimating the threat posed by London - In the match against Sligo, they went route one most of the time and utilised the big men they have and it worked on the day. Their League form, they only got beaten by a point by the eventual Division Four winners so all those things points to a very capable London side who have a much more settled side because of the emigration scene. We’re not underestimating them, you do so at your peril.”