Ear to the Ground finds Biodiversity in Leitrim

Fiona Heavey


Fiona Heavey

Ear to the Ground have a story going out tonight, January 31 on Leitrim Biodiversity. 

The segment  was filmed Dromahair in and a local farmer Thomas Healy as well as Dr. James Moran, Centre for Environmental Research, IT Sligo, Dr. Dolores Byrne, Project Coordinator, IT Sligo and Julien Carlier, Environmental Researcher, IT Sligo all contributed to the piece.

The programme asks "What if farmers could be paid to produce not just food from their land, but also public goods such as clean water, air and biodiversity?"

Under current Common Agriculture Policy (CAP), the emphasis has always been on productivity and intensive farming. More marginal land has often been regarded as worthless, but these areas are rich natural habitats and can be just as productive, in their own ways and now an EU funded pilot project is taping into that.

Ella Mc Sweeney goes to Dromahair to meet with some of the people involved in the project and to learn how farming in accordance with nature can be both financially, environmentally and personally rewarding.

The interesting piece will be aired on Ear to the Ground on RTE1 tonight (Jan 31st) at 9.30pm.