Keshcarrigan man records journey home from Melbourne to Leitrim

Going home to see the mammy and daddy

Leonie McKiernan


Leonie McKiernan

Now anyone who has made the journey from any part of Australia to Ireland will tell's a bloody long way.

After three years down under Anthony Tighe, Keshcarrigan decided to document his 17,419km trip home from Melbourne to surprise his parents on his Go Pro camera.

The resulting video is now available to view here.

What follows is a quick compilation of everything from the train and bus journey to the airport to the flight and even the car trip through familiar Roscommon and Leitrim landmarks to his parents home in Keshcarrigan.

A trip that will be familiar to any one who has felt the excitement of returning home after a long time away.

Check out the reaction of his Mammy as she answers the door at 2mins 21sec and his Dad at 2mins 43sec.

Get the hankies out....