Just human needs

Amazing video marks World Down Syndrome Day today


Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

The need to receive proper education, to get a job, to live with independence, to catch up with friends, to play sport, to fully exercise our rights as equal citizens are important aspects of life for each of us and needs that no one would dream of defining as “special”. Yet for people with Down Syndrome, the label of “special needs” is often used to describe them and their needs.

The term "special needs" is a common euphemism used when referring to people with disabilities. But today, we want to remind everyone that people with Down Syndrome have the same needs as everyone else: to study, to work, to have the opportunity to speak up and be heard and to be full participants in the community.

People with Down Syndrome may need extra assistance - sometimes significant assistance – and adjustments – to meet a particular need – but that doesn't make that common human need “special”.