'80-something' Cavan man's dream of learning to fly is inspiration for a truly amazing film

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

It's not the most unusual of dreams - learning to fly - but the story of 80-something Cavan farmer, Bobby Coote's dream, is something a little special.

His story has now become the inspiration for a film directed by Frank Shouldice which is set to open this week.

According to Mr Shouldice, Cavan farmer, Bobby Coote, had witnessed cinematographer, Dave Perry, flying his paramotor (a powered paragilder) near Bailieborough five years ago.

Mr Coote later turned up on the doorstep of Mr Perry. “Was that you up there in the sky?” said Mr Coote. “I want to do that.”

Mr Shouldice and Mr Perry subsequently visited the home of Mr Coote, where he lived with his older brother, Ernie, and decided to make a film. Five and a half years later they are set to unviel The Man Who Wanted to Fly.

The Man Who Wanted to Fly has a preview screening at the Odeon Cinema in Cavan Town on 26 March and opens in cinemas in Dublin, Galway, Cork and Cavan on the 29 March.