Watch: Boyle release a video bursting with pride for the town

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Following weeks of preparation this week Boyle Town Team has made the bid for Pride of Place.

Wilsain Media and Chris O'Dowd have made a video to capture the pride "we have in our beloved place perfectly... we think you will agree," announced Boyle Pride of Place committee.

Judging of Boyle's entry in the Pride of Place took place on Tuesday, August 13. The purpose of the Pride of Place competition is to acknowledge the work that is being done every day by communities all over the island of Ireland.

The competition is based on communities demonstrating directly to the judges their pride in their place by oral presentation, exhibitions of community activities and culture and a tour of the area highlighting the aspects of which they are particularly proud.

Enjoy the video and visit Boyle this Summer!

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