You can now experience Leitrim waterfalls in Virtual Reality

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Do you want to sit at Glencar Waterfall, dip your toes at Pol an Eas and hear the roar of the water at Fowley's Falls but can't visit the country, the county or move outside of your 5km?

Well you can still experience some of Leitrim's wonderful waterfalls in Virtual Reality.

A new video released by SkyWatcherVR on Youtube captures some of Leitrim's waterfalls and landscapes and means you can stick on your VR headset and be right there, right now.

The video brings you on a guided tour of Ireland's finest waterfalls in County Leitrim, captured in High Resolution 5.7k VR180 Video, now with full 8D Ambisonic Audio! Visit Poll an Eas, Scardan, Fowley's Falls, Glencar and The Devil's Chimney Waterfalls - a stunning treat for the eyes and ears in Virtual Reality.

Relax, meditate, unwind and enjoy the journey. This is the channel's first VR180 video to incorporate the full 3D Soundfield

What did you think of the experience?

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