WATCH: North Leitrim AC training to beat the Covid-19 crisis

John Connolly


John Connolly


North Leitrim Athletic Club and its members are determined to beat the Covid-19 virus as the club have shared an inspirational video on their Facebook page of the club's members out training during the past few days.

With athletics one of the sport you can safely practice by yourself without compromising social distancing, North Leitrim AC's Tom Kelly has come up with a novel way of keeping its members in touch by compiling a short two minute video detailing the club's members training in different locations around north Leitrim.

In a post on the club's website, Tom writes "It’s been a challenging few days and the road ahead is uncertain in terms of normalised coaching of our athletes. However, as a club and coach, we have been challenged to up-skill and implement better and more professional training methods.

As such, most of our competition athletes have been issued individualised WEEKLY TRAINING PLANS, which they can do on their own with feedback to the coach. We have put up HURDLING & SPRINTING TRAINING VIDEOS to help athletes & parents.

In reality it’s a great opportunity for athletes & parents to take partial ownership of their training and development in conjunction with their coach.

It’s great to see so many of our athletes starting these plans and out training. So far we have distance runners, sprinters, hurdlers, walkers & throwers out training.

Hoping to get a GENERIC WEEKLY TRAINING PLAN out for all our other athletes this week."

Well done to all in North Leitrim AC and keep on running! Or Walking! Or throwing! Or Jumping!