WATCH| Ballinamore students mark the end of national school with a special drive-by graduation

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

The move from national school to secondary school is a major milestone and usually, it is marked by special celebrations for 6th class pupils. This year, as a result of Covid-19, much of the usual activities marking the end of the school year for 6th class students have been cancelled.

But the parents of 6th class students at Scoil Chlann Naofa in Ballinamore, could not let the opportunity go by without a proper good bye, organising a "drive-by graduation".

This was a fantastic event and included a special goodbye from their teacher who waved the 13 children off from school. The students then drove through the town there were people clapping and cheering them. One parent said it was an experience the children won't forget.