St. Clare's Comprehensive, Manorhamilton

Maths Week in Manorhamilton

News Reporter


News Reporter

Maths Week Ireland took place from October 16th-20th. This is an all Ireland celebration of Maths and is in partnership with over 50 universities, institute of technology's, colleges, schools, museums, libraries, visitor centres and professional bodies-any group that values maths.

Maths Week Ireland promotes awareness, appreciation and understanding of Maths through a wide variety of events and activities.

The school was a hive of activity as it participated in national Maths Week. Students got involved in solving puzzles, looking at the logic in maths, entering a maths poster competition, seminars, worships, bingo and more importantly enjoying the fun side of maths.

The week was kicked off by a Maths Probability Workshop. The Probability Workshop was an immersive experience which showed students the practical application of maths.

It started with a talk on probability in the context of dice. Students came to understand the different combinations and how this leads to the odds of the bet.

The maths coordinator Ms McManus placed brainteasers all over the school which had both staff and students working on their mental maths all week.

Transition year students travelled to IT Sligo to partake in a seminar on the Maths Behind Juggling. Students thoroughly enjoyed this event.

1st and 2nd year students represented the school in the IMTA maths quiz in Sligo. They performed extremely well and were great ambassadors for the school on the night.

The week culminated in monster maths bingo for all first year. Organised by the TY problem solving module. Maths Week is all about promoting a positive image of Maths.

This annual event aims to convince people that Maths is not intimidating, but can be enjoyable. It also aims to highlight that at present Maths graduates are in huge demand with two thirds of all graduates gaining employment immediately after leaving university.

We would like to thank Ms McManus the maths coordinator for organising the events, Ms Brennan for organising and accompanying the students to the maths quiz, all the maths teachers in St Clare's for what was an exciting week.