Leitrim bottom of the list for claiming tax back

Conor O'Rourke


Conor O'Rourke



Leitrim bottom of the list for claiming tax back

Leitrim's low population could be the reason behind this latest statistic

Leitrim is the worst county for claiming tax back according to a new survey.

However when you take into account our low population the reason behind this latest statistic can be explained.

Taxback.com, a tax relief organisation, recently uploaded their tax claims index, revealing the counties in Ireland that have received the most in tax refunds over the last twelve months. 

Dublin leads the polls, holding around 27% of the refund claims in the whole country. Considering that Dublin City’s population alone is nearly 500,000, it starts to make sense that Leitrim’s tax claim rate is so low, its population currently residing at approximately 32,000.

More western counties such as Longford and Roscommon also appear on the lower end of the list, while eastern, densely populated counties are on top.

“Not surprisingly, the eastern half of the country, and Dublin in particular, leads the way in terms of the numbers of professionals who are claiming back their taxes. We would like to see numbers rise around the country,” Eileen Devereux, Commercial Director at Taxback.com outlined.

Furthermore, according to their index, it’s revealed that it is the demographic of individuals between 25 and 34-years-old that reclaim the highest percentage of tax refunds; around 40%.

Given that a large portion of Leitrim’s population consists of people over the age of forty, they are less likely to apply for a tax refund.

“One reason for this could be that 25-34-year-olds are eager and driven to claim any monies due to them, owing to their stage in life. People in this age group are not only prominent consumers, but they are also seeking any opportunities for extra cash to help them cope with the burden of high rents and bills, perhaps also loan repayments from college, all while being at an early career stage and pay grade” said Ms Devereux.

Taxback.com have also enclosed the top five tax reliefs people have claimed for over the 2017-2018 period, which are:

- Medical Expenses
- Rent Tax Credit
- Single Parent Tax Credit
- Medical Insurance
- Flat Rate Expenses