Lack of investment in broadband infrastructure for north-west "unacceptable"

Eir deny the claim

Leitrim Observer reporter


Leitrim Observer reporter


Lack of investment in broadband infrastructure for north-west "unacceptable"

Not one town in County Leitrim will receive an upgrade according to Deputy Martin Kenny

Sinn Féin spokesperson on rural and community development Martin Kenny TD has said that he is shocked and dismayed at the announcement by EIR that they are spending half a billion euro upgrading fibre broadband to towns around the country but not one town in County Leitrim will receive an upgrade.
Deputy Kenny said; “While this is welcome news for many towns around the country, I am shocked that my own county of Leitrim and neighbouring County Donegal will not receive one cent of this investment.

"Of course the rest of rural Ireland is waiting on broadband to be delivered through the governments national broadband plan, which is clearly in a shambles.  
“It is very disappointing that EIR have decided to neglect some counties in this upgrade of fibre broadband, however it is consistent with the whole process so far; rural areas and smaller towns with the most potential are left out every time.
“This government and successive governments have promised to deliver fibre broadband to every house in the country, the deadlines for completion continue to be extended, it was 2018, then 2019 now it could be 2022. 
“This situation is completely unacceptable for rural Ireland, especially when we consider the potential of remote working which could change the prospects for many small towns if proper fibre broadband was available.
“It’s 2019 we deserve and adequate broadband service in every part of Ireland.”  

However following Deputy Kenny's statement eir said the list of towns includes two towns in Leitrim and 10 in Donegal and these will receive investment from eir as part of its IFN investment