Leitrim GAA County Board chairman pays tribute to volunteers

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

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Enda Stenson, Leitrim GAA County Board chairman.

Leitrim GAA County Board chairman, Enda Stenson, has paid tribute to the members of GAA clubs across Leitrim who have volunteered their time to help those in their local communities during the Covid-19 pandemic.
“Every club in the county has five to 20 volunteers who are helping out those members of our community who have been most affected by the restrictions brought in over recent weeks,” said Mr Stenson.
“As Chairman of the Leitrim GAA County Board, and on behalf of the board and Leitrim GAA, I would like to pay a huge tribute to the GAA clubs and their members.”
Mr Stenson pointed out the important contribution of volunteers to the day to day running of GAA clubs across Co Leitrim and said that he was proud that GAA members were now working to assist their wider community during the coronavirus pandemic.
“The GAA is, in the main, a volunteer organisation and we can always rely on the members to step up when needed,” he said.
“GAA members know everyone in their local community and are known by those in their area and I can say now that they will work to ensure that nobody is left to want for anything during this virus outbreak,” he said.
The GAA volunteers are part of a wider volunteer effort in Leitrim led by the local authority.
“If there is anybody out there who is aware of someone who needs assistance please do not be afraid to ask their local GAA club for help,” said Mr Stenson.
“Whether it is something as simple as collecting the shopping or picking up medication or just checking in to see that someone is ok. This is all something that our members are happy and willing to do.
“All I would ask is that people do not be afraid to ask for help. Contact your local GAA club or contact me and we will make sure that you receive any and all assistance that you need.
“This is a very difficult time but we will come through this and we will be there for each other,” he stressed in conclusion this week.

Helpline to assist citizens during Covid-19

A dedicated community support helpline has been established in Leitrim - 071 9650473 - to assist at risk members of the public in accessing non-emergency and non-medical supports and advice during the current public health emergency.