Tidy Towns news from Carrick-on-Shannon

Regular ‘Litter Picks’ will resume at 10am on Sunday, March 14

news reporter


news reporter

Tidy Towns news from Carrick-on-Shannon

At last, spring is in the air and volunteers are starting to get out and about again. During the good weather we were able to clear some areas near the Shannon and thinned out some trees so now the river is more visible from the footpath.

The resulting cuttings have been chipped and some of the mulch will be used to cover the beds along the linear park to suppress weeds, and to retain moisture in the soil and eventually rot down and provide nutrients to the soil.

The rest of the mulch will help to keep the weeds down in the woodland area at the end of the path, a great way to reuse these branches. Thank you to all involved for their hard work. We have just taken delivery of some Bird Boxes and Bat Boxes for around this area and will endeavour to put them up when the weather allows.

The Pollinator Fairy Garden is in the process of getting a makeover on a budget, already there are some willow tunnels planted and the willow tent is being planted just a few diagonal slips to give it a pattern It will look woven when it is finished, that’s the plan anyway.

Willow is a fantastic plant for this area as the ground is quite damp being so close to the Shannon, it is fast to grow, it is easy to plant, and most importantly for a Pollinator Garden, the bees love the Catkins and it is one of the first sources of food for them when they emerge from their hibernation in the spring and the Queen starts her colony.
We hope to establish a wild flower bed here soon so that it is colourful for the Fairies and nutritious for the Bees.

Our regular ‘Litter Picks’ will resume at 10am on Sunday, March 14, which is Mother’s Day, so after breakfast in bed, we will be meeting at The Tourist Office. Please remember to practice safe social distancing if you would like to join us for this enjoyable Sunday morning outing.

We are looking forward to works finishing on Main Street and the new board walk.

John Gaffey from Summertime Gardens has started work on the roundabouts and moved some plants to the ‘Boat and Rocks’ beside the AvantCard building. It is amazing the difference a few plants and some topiary trees make (and a bit of hard work). You can see the results for yourself on Summertime Garden's Facebook page or on our Facebook page if you are too busy looking out for traffic on the roundabout.

Don’t forget to keep feeding the birds, nesting season is coming and they will need more energy to lay eggs and raise their young.

This year, because of Covid 19 restrictions, the Tidy Towns Competition will be judged on line (TBC) so we are asking anyone and everyone around the town to send us ‘Before and After’ photos of any cleaning up of an area, or painting of a house or business, or anything like that, so we can include them in our application, please just send us a message via Facebook.


The AGM of Carrick-on-Shannon Tidy Towns took place via Zoom on Tuesday, January 25.
We conveyed our condolences to all the members who suffered the loss of family members during the year.

A special ‘Thank You’ was expressed for outgoing Chairperson Pascal McGuire and outgoing Secretary Matilda Fallon for their commitment and hard work over the years on behalf of the committee and the people of Carrick-on-Shannon.

Our longest serving member Kathleen Coleman was also acknowledged for her encouragement and experience.
Horticulturist John Gaffey was thanked for his hard work on the beds in ‘The Linear Park’, the roundabouts and around the town, planting pollinator and wildlife friendly flowers and plants.

Leitrim and Roscommon County Councils were thanked for their efforts in the competition , as were all the different community and business organisations and of course our Volunteers that help us in our efforts to make Carrick-on-Shannon a Tidy Town and a great place to live, as even though there was not a competition last year, litter picks and other work continued.

The new committee were voted in, and our new Chairperson is Jim Beirne. Claire Moran is now our Secretary. Rita McWeeney stays on as Treasurer. P.R.O. is Norma Duignan. Garda vetting will continue to be organised by Matilda Fallon.

There are a few things that we can be working on during lockdowns and a brief discussion of the kind of things we can prepare for e.g. ‘What can be done to cure the scourge of dog poo on our streets and parks?’ ‘What projects will we plan so we can enter special prize competitions?’ ‘How do we tackle the chewing gum problem and make sure it does not ruin the new streetscape in the town centre?’ Redesigning beds, ordering trees, etc. Reducing litter. Whether or not the competition goes ahead this year, these are still important issues so we can all enjoy living in and walking around our lovely town.