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Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement Awards

Historic occasion

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Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement Awards

Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement awards
It was an historic occasion at Carrigallen Vocational School as last year’s 3rd Years were awarded the first ever Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement awards.

These awards will replace the standard results certificate issued for the old Junior Cert, going forward.

The Awards record results of state examinations as well as the results of the Classroom Based Assessments that are being rolled out as each subject comes on stream in the new Junior Cycle.

Another new aspect of these award certificates is a section that the students themselves fill in, called Other Areas of Learning in which the students record learning experiences that they have had outside of the classroom environment and in other life aspects that are not acknowledged through formal examination.

This means that the awards are unique and personal to each student.

The awards are a joint production between the State Examinations Commission who submit partially filled certificates to the school with the results of the state exams, and the school themselves who complete the certificates by entering the results of classroom assessments and information about other areas of learning before printing out and awarding them.

The awards are tailored for each individual school with the school name, logo and Principal’s signature.