Declutter your home for the festive season


Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Declutter your home for the festive season

Top tips on decluttering from Tesco.

So you have lots of visitors coming to your home over the festive season - and your house looks like a tornado whipped through it half an hour ago, well Tesco have some handy hints on how to get the clutter sorted!

Toy Tidy Up
With so many toys (and more coming for Christmas), it can be hard to keep a little one’s bedroom in order. Clear the clutter by donating toys the children have grown out of (which will also help you identify potential Christmas gift ideas). To store all the remaining toys, simply fold an old bed sheet in half and tie it to the end of the bed frame or under a shelf.

Organise Your Winter Wardrobe
With summery clothes going into hibernation, and chunky knits fighting for wardrobe space, now's the time to sift through last year's winter clothes. Create three piles: one to donate, one to keep, and one to upcycle. You can use the upcycle pile as fabric for your homemade Christmas crafts.

Easy Baking Tray Trick

You can organise baking trays in regular desk file organisers. You’ll be able to see every tray as soon as you open the cupboard, and putting them away afterwards will be much more satisfying. 

Tidy up Electrical Items
Cable ties, sandwich bag ties or bulldog clips are a cheap and easy way to gather unsightly wires around the back of the telly. Use them to collect and hide other long wires too, like extension leads, floor lamps and stereos, to immediately banish clutter.

Hosting guests over Christmas? Keep hairdryers, straighteners and curling tongs in magazine racks and hide them at the bottom of your wardrobe to keep them out of sight, but easy to find.

Shoe Stacker
With festive parties on the horizon, you'll want easy access to your fancy footwear but won't need them out every day. A wooden wine box will keep them safe from being squashed and scuffed; simply stash them under the bed or at the base of your wardrobe.

Ice Cube Storage

For quick access to your jewellery to finish off a Christmas party outfit, store them in ice cube trays inside drawers. The small individual spaces are perfectly-sized for delicate pieces plus they’ll stop chains and hoops tangling, so you’ll be able to find your favourite necklace quickly on a busy morning.

 There are lots more handy hints, recipes and lots of gift ideas on Tesco's website. See here for more.