Former Fine Gael junior minister eliminated in the seventh count in Sligo/Leitrim at #GE2020

Leonie McKiernan


Leonie McKiernan

John Perry's son expelled from Fine Gael Party

John Perry IND candidate, has been eliminated following the seventh count.

Former Fine Gael junior minister, John Perry, has been eliminated in the seventh count here at the Sligo Park Hotel.

Perry had a disappointing result securing just 1367 first preference votes after his decision to run as an independent candidate.

Again, the transfer of Nessa Cosgrove's (Lab) votes, failed to elect anyone to fill the three remaining seats, however Green Party candidate, Bláthín Gallagher secured 351 transfers and Independent, Marian Harkin, also secured a significant amount of votes from Cosgrove - 250, in fact.

So Perry's final vote of 1464 will now be distributed in the eighth count. 

The results of the eighth count:

Declan Bree IND 2886

James Conway IND 1655

Shane Ellis FF 3006

Frankie Feighan FG 5637

Bláithín Gallagher GP 2403

Marian Harkin IND 7941

Marc Mac Sharry FF 7483

Gino O'Boyle PBP 2626

John Perry IND 1464

Eamon Scanlon FF 6461

Thomas Walsh FG 4916

Sean Wynne IND 1836

Non transferable: 44

Eliminated: John Perry (Independent)

His 1464 votes will now be redistributed.