BREAKING NEWS: Tallies in for the Ballinamore area

Huge vote for O'Rourke with Ellis, McGloin and Barry polling well

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Tallies in for the Ballinamore area

Tally counts are underway.

The tallies for Ballinamore LEA  are now completed 

Local Tally Info for Ballinamore LEA
Time of Tally - 11.17am 
Boxes open - 100%
Boxes Tallied - 100%


FF: 35%
FG: 22%
SF: 27%
IND and others: 16%

Total vote: 6537

Barry (SF) -  765
Dolan (IND) -  565
Ellis (FF) -  950
Gilhooley (SF) -  640
McGLoin (FG) -  749
Mulvey (SF) -  339
O'Brien (Ind) -  7
O'Dwyer (Renua) - 43
O'Rourke (FF) -  1359
Reynolds - Flynn (FG) - 697
Wynne (Ind) -  403

The final tallies are in now for the Ballinamore electoral area with Cllr Paddy O'Rourke going to stroll home with a massive vote of over 1,300 votes.

With the quota expected to be in the 950 votes range, O'Rourke's surplus of about 400 will be distributed and if Ellis doesn't make it on the first count he is guaranteed to pass the line with transfer.

Brendan Barry has tallied 765 votes with former councillor Enda McGoin doing well with 749.

Pat Gilhooley has 640 with sitting councillor Gerry Dolan on 565.

First time candidate for Fine Gael, Ita Reynolds-Flynn has 697.

It's early days yet and all to play for with s surplus and transfers playing a huge role and the last seat will be a close contest.