Milk collection routes must be prioritised during clearing of roads today

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Milk shortage could be on the way says Laois IFA chairman #stormemma #beastfromtheeast

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Speaking in his constituency of Sligo-Leitrim today, Deputy Martin Kenny, Sinn Féin spokesman on agriculture, food and the marine, called on local authorities to take account of the needs of dairy farmers when clearing roads of snow and ice.

Deputy Kenny said: “We all stand in admiration of the work being done by council workers, emergency services and Civil Defence personnel in looking after our people and keeping everyone safe during this weather emergency.

“I call on the councils now to be aware as road clearing continues to be aware of the plight of dairy farmers who may not be able to get their milk collected due to side roads not being gritted or cleared.

"They are in a unique situation because their produce is so perishable and has to be collected on schedule.

“I hope that when decisions are being taken to prioritise certain routes, that the urgency of milk collection will be taken into account by the authorities.”