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65 child care applications in 2015

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Observer Staff


65 child care applications in 2015

The Courts Service statistics for child care applications for 2015 shows that there were 65 applications made through Carrick-on-Shannon District Court Office last year.

Statistics for Carrick-on-Shannon show that there were 65 new applications made, 51 were granted, 11 adjourned and 3 were struck out or withdrawn.

There were 16 applications for an Interim Care Order, 15 of which were granted, with one adjournment.

There were 19 applications for an Extension of an Interim Care Order, all of which were granted.

One Care Order was granted with 4 others being adjourned.  There were 5 case re-entries granted, 4 Emergency Care Orders and 4 Extensions of a Care Order.

The Courts Service figures for all child care applications reflect units of work as recorded by the Courts Service staff and reflect court activity in this area.