Last Christmas for Blacklion Post Office

Fiona Heavey


Fiona Heavey

An Post

Dymphna Stewart is preparing for her last Christmas as the village postmistress in Blacklion.

The busy shop and post office has seen it's business halve since the EU referendum in June due to fluctuations in the value of sterling. 
The next nearest post office services are both seven miles away with An Post in Glenfarne, Co. Leitrim or Royal Mail in Belcoo.
Dymphna will finish up on February 14th after ten years and is unsure what her next step will be.    

West Cavan Fianna Fail Councillor, John Paul Feeley said the postmistress has “provided an excellent service and will be missed in the local community”.
He is appealing to people to use their local services. 
“From the local post office to the shop or butcher shop, if local communities do not support it then they cannot complain about losing them.”
A spokesman from An Post said a public consultation process is currently underway.
“This is intended to help An Post arrive at a decision on how best to provide post office services to Blacklion in the future, this might include closure.
The consultation process closes on December 18th after which we will make a decision to advertise the contract to provide a post office in Blacklion or not.”