Leitrim County Council

€446,222 paid out in compensation claims

14 claims last year

Observer Staff


Observer Staff



€446,222 paid out in compensation claims

Leitrim County Council forked out €446,222 for 14 compensation claims last year, paying out on average almost €32,000 per compensation claim.

The records for the council's insurance claims are held by the Council’s Insurer, Irish Public Bodies Mutual Insurances Ltd.
(IPBMI Ltd), a private limited company, so details of the individual claims cannot be released.

Claims are investigated and processed to finality by IPBMI Ltd who decide in each case what course of action to pursue e.g. whether to accept or deny liability.

IPBMI Ltd hire legal and other professionals if required and are responsible for all associated costs, including the cost of any individual awards, and pay same directly.

Up to Quarter 3 last year Leitrim County Council received 11 claims for compensation. 14 claims were finalised and paid.

The total figure of €446,222 includes legal and other fees associated with the claims as well as the cost of the award.