Cost of refunding customers will be approximately €5m

Irish Water responds to decision to refund Domestic Water Charge

Leitrim Observer reporter


Leitrim Observer reporter

Irish Water

Domestic Water Charge will be refunded.

 Irish Water  have issued a statement today on the refunding of domestic water charges:

The government has announced that Domestic Water Charge refunds will be issued in the Autumn. Irish Water is working to ensure that this can be achieved as efficiently and accurately as possible. 

Irish Water’s primary concern is that the payment of refunds is as straightforward as possible from a customer point of view and that those who made a payment to Irish Water are refunded with a minimum of delay, once Government has passed the legislation and provided the funding needed to allow for refunds.

Almost €1m customers will be repaid their domestic water charges totalling €173m. The cost of refunding customers will be approximately €5m to cover the cost of letters, cheques, a public information campaign and additional staffing to support the project including additional call centre staff to deal with customer queries.

We are now putting a team in place to begin this work and we will communicate with customers advising them what they need to do to ensure their refund is paid correctly as soon as the legislation is passed.

Customers do not need to contact Irish Water to get their refund. Irish Water will send a cheque to the account holder at their address. If you have moved or if your personal details have changed please call 1850 448 448.