The Far Side of Happiness

Gerry Boland book launch in King House tonight





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Gerry Boland book launch in King House tonight

Brian Leyden is officially launching Gerry Boland’s debut collection of short stories, The Far Side of Happiness in King House, Boyle this evening, November 24 at 6pm.

Sixteen stories, sixteen intriguing situations and a fascinating cast of characters populate Gerry Boland’s brilliant new collection of short stories.

An unemployed man, living alone, experiences a brief moment of epiphany only for his fragile optimism to be shattered by a freak accident.

An ordinary story about a marriage in trouble conceals a devastating and unexpected deceit, revealed in its final lines.
An Irish bachelor living in Paris has his life of entitlement turned upside-down by two simultaneous though unrelated events.
A bully enters a small working community and wreaks havoc, destroying friendships in the process.

An environmentalist brings her naïve idealism to a rural, coastal community and hopelessly misreads the town’s mood.
This is just a flavour of what is contained in The Far Side of Happiness.

Everyone is invited to attend the official launch of this collection of short stories in Boyle this Friday.