Leitrim calls for automatic medical cards for cancer patients

Fiona Heavey


Fiona Heavey

Medical Card

Medical card

Leitrim councillors are calling on Health Minister Simon Harris to automatically award medical cards to people who receive a cancer diagnosis.

The proposal came from Cllr Padraig Fallon and Sinead Guckian at this month's council meeting and was supported by all council members.

Cllr Fallon said he has had an increase in queries of people looking for help to get a medical card from cancer patients, he said it is “like a mortgage application.”

Cllr Sinead Guckian said “cancer devestate patients, many have to give up work to deal with treatments.” She said it could take up to two months for an application to be submitted. Cllr Guckian said the medical cards could be allocated on a temporary basis.

The joint motions received support from all Leitrim councillors.

Leitrim County Council agreed to circulate their motion to other councils for support.