Progress on replacement of Lennox Bridge

Cooperation between local authorities

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Progress on replacement of Lennox Bridge

Lennox Bridge between Kinlough and Bundoran which links Counties Leitrim and Donegal.

Senior Engineer at Leitrim County Council, Shay O'Connor informed Leitrim County Council members that he finally had an update on Lennox Bridge, outside Kinlough.

Mr O'Connor informed councillors, "Donegal has agreed to work with Leitrim County Council to replace the bridge."

Both councils are now setting up a meeting to discuss how they will progress with the works.

Cllr Justin Warnock described it as "great news."

In February this year, Cllr Warnock hit out at Donegal County Council's proposal of installing traffic lights on the bridge as a “cop out” and a “futile exercise” in addressing the issues of health and safety at the location.

Lennox Bridge is a narrow bridge over the River Drowse linking the towns of Kinlough and Bundoran where traffic has to give way to oncoming traffic.  It has been an ongoing issue at Leitrim County Council meetings for many years.