Leitrim polling stations open at 7am tomorrow for the Referendum on the 8th Amendment

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

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Voting for the Referendum on the 8th Amendment starts tomorrow, May 25 at 7am across the country.

You have until 10pm to cast your vote. 

In recent days you should have received your polling card, bring this with you. If you haven't received your polling card or simply forgot it and you are sure you are registered to vote, you will still be able to cast your vote by showing valid ID.

Here’s what is accepted as ID:

- A passport
- A driving licence
- An employee identity card containing a photograph
- A student identity card issued by an educational institution and containing a photograph
- A travel document containing name and photograph
- A bank, saving or credit union book containing address in the constituency or local electoral area (where appropriate)
- A Public Services Card