Important advice for Pope's Visit to Knock

Fiona Heavey


Fiona Heavey

If you are intending on going to see the Pope in Knock or Phoenix Park on August 26 then the advise is to get your tickets, plan your transport and prepare for a long day.

New information regarding transport options to both Knock and the Phoenix Park have just been published on

Ticket registration goes live for Knock and the Phoenix Park on Monday, June 25.

While disruption is unavoidable for a visit of this scale, all efforts are being made to ensure that any disruption to businesses and individuals due to the visit is minimised as much as possible. Necessary alternative arrangements are being developed and will be communicated to those impacted well in advance. More information will be rolled out in the coming weeks for those who may be affected. 

Get a ticket

You will need a ticket for the event at the Phoenix Park.
You can register for tickets online on the World Meeting of Families 2018 website from Monday 25 June. You will get your ticket closer to the event.
You must choose which event you would like to attend – Phoenix Park or Knock. You will not be able to get tickets for both.

Plan your transport

Decide how you will travel well in advance.
The advice is to take public or group transport (coach).
Comprehensive transport information has just been published on should consult this before planning your travel.

Prepare for a long day

For your safety and welfare, you should plan your whole journey from the beginning of the day until you return home. You are likely to be standing for a long period of time.
Your journey may involve a lot of walking to and from the event.
If you are unsure if you can make this journey or if you have any pre-existing medical conditions, talk to your doctor or other health professional.
There will be a range of supports – rest zones, welfare areas, medical facilities, a team of volunteers – that will be there to help those making the journey.

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