Arigna Mining Experience to receive a share of €65,000

Conor O'Rourke


Conor O'Rourke


Arigna Mining Experience to receive €65,000

Arigna Mining Experience

Arigna Mining Experience is to receive funding of €65,000 to improve the site.

Under the Geopark Grant Scheme in Geological Survey Ireland, many groups across the country have been awarded funding in an effort that more people will understand and take an interest in geoscience.

Minister Sean Canney TD, at the 2019 Geological Survey Ireland Geoheritage funding awards, announced the 13 sites awarded the grant of €65,000. Also among the groups are local tourist sites the Marble Arch Caves, Co. Fermanagh and Sligo County Council.

With the new funding, Arigna Mining Experience and Marble Arch Caves now have an opportunity to make the changes they need to further boost their reach and make improvements to their facility.

The grant for Sligo County Council is to protect and maintain the natural geoheritage in the county for the benefits of the environment, and for future generations.

Senator Frank Feighan has welcomed the support, saying “The aim of the fund is to encourage the telling of the Irish geological story, improve the understanding of geoscience and to engage with groups throughout the country…. This funding is also great recognition of the work invested by everybody involved in developing and promoting the Arigna Mining Experience.”