Leitrim author publishes poetry book

Words of truth: A mixture of poetry taking in varied life experiences

Fiona Heavey


Fiona Heavey

Carrick-on-Shannon author Joanna Scott has published a eclectic mixture of poetry available in paperback and kindle.

In this mix of poetry, Joanna Scott paints a picture of a wide variety of life experiences. We are taken through the emotions of love, longing and loneliness to anger and betrayal, and finally, forgiveness.
We see the beauty of the world and gain an insight into the fight that nature has against man.
Experience fun with children's antics, Facebook, food and fast cars! There are many moods and insights portrayed with something for every taste.

Joanna Scott
Joanna Scott

Joanne said, “Writing poetry, I could do at school. My nerves however, took over and after a failed reading I stopped until 2004. I haven't put the pen down since. I write to give comfort in tough times.
“People have been a big inspiration to my collections of poetry. I have written too many to count now, and still writing.”
A few simple words can change a lifetime
Life is about struggle and how we deal with it,
It's the be all and end all
or the start of a better life for someone struggling
Words can mean so much.

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