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South Leitrim left without ambulance cover

Staff moved to Boyle last night

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South Leitrim left without ambulance cover

There is no ambulance cover in South Leitrim after the four ambulance crews designated to the area walked out of their base in Cortober, Carrick-on-Shannon.

The eight personnel are in dispute with management over conditions in their ambulance station and from 8am yesterday, Thursday, May 16, staff have refused to use the station building until their concerns have been resolved.

The crews raised health and safety issues with the station last October and their concerns have still not been resolved despite a number of assurances from the HSE at the time.

Staff are understood to have initially sat in the ambulances outside the station awaiting call outs yesterday.

Last night the crews on duty were moved to the ambulance base in Boyle.

Cllr Brendan Barry has described the situation as "unbelievable."

"Ambulance crews were moved to their existing base across the bridge and they raised a number of concerns at the time about health and safety issues.

"They were told that these would be addressed but their concerns have yet to be resolved," he said.

"It doesn't reflect very well on the HSE that this situation has arisen. Ambulance crews should not be forced into a situation where they feel they cannot use their station and they must sit in their ambulances.

"The HSE has to speak with the crews and address their concerns immediately," Cllr Barry said.