Rain today could bring rain for the next 40 days

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Rain today could bring rain for the next 40 days

Today is St Swithin's Day

If it rains today, then we could expect rain for the next 40 days.

This comes from the tradition of St Swithin’s Day, July 15.

Legend has it that after his body was moved from an outdoor to an indoor grave, rain poured down on the cathedral that he was moved into for 40 days.

While scattered showers are forecast for today, temperatures should remain above 20.

The weather looks like it will take a turn later in the week, with unsettled conditions forecast. 

Rain is expected tomorrow, Wednesday with some heavy bursts set to hit parts of the country.

The rain is forecast to clear eastwards on Wednesday night. Most areas will be dry, with clear spells, but a few scattered showers will follow, mainly in Atlantic coastal areas. 

Thursday will be dry in many areas, with sunny spells, but some scattered showers will occur, mainly in Ulster, Connacht and west Munster.

On Thursday night, a spell of more persistent rain will extend from the southwest, but the northern half of the country it will remain largely dry until morning.

Finally, Friday will see widespread rain for a time, giving way to brighter conditions during the day. 

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