Garda Commissioner assures QIH directors that gardaí "have the bit between their teeth" in investigation into Lunney abduction and torture

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Community supports Quinn's Kevin Lunney

Diretor of QIH, Kevin Lunney, was abducted and tortured earlier this year.

Garda Commissioner, Drew Harris, has assured Quinn Industrial Holding (QIH) directors that the gardaí "have the bit between their teeth" into not just the investigation into the abduction and torture of Kevin Lunney earlier this year, but also in relation to the wider range of criminality against the company and its directors.

In a statement issued to the media following last night's meeting (Wednesday, December 18) with the Garda Commissioner, QIH directors said they are very encouraged by arrests over recent weeks and by the scale of resources and commitment being applied to ensure the safety of QIH staff and their families.

Commenting, Liam McCaffery, CEO, QIH said: "(yesterday) evening we met and thanked Commissioner Harris and his colleagues for their very significant and continuing efforts to bring those responsible for criminality to justice. Our resolve to continue growing the business remains strong and has been greatly strengthened by the gardaí's efforts and by the support and goodwill of our staff, the community, our public representatives and business partners, for which we are extremely grateful.

"We remain committed to the business and community and look forward to the conclusion of the work being undertaken by the gardaí."

Speaking to, QIH director, John McCartin, said it was very clear that gardaí are "fully committed to giving this investigation all the time and resources that it will take to bring it to a conclusion."

He said that QIH directors "had full confidence in work being carried out by the gardaí" in looking after the safety of QIH directors and their families in the long term.

He said that Commissioner Harris had "made it clear to us that gardaí have the bit between their teeth" in a multifaceted investigation which focuses not only on the abduction and torture of Kevin Lunney, "but also on the wider range of criminality carried out against the company and its directors".