Sinn Féin set to take two seats in Cavan-Monaghan

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Sinn Féin set to take two seats in Cavan-Monaghan

At lunchtime with almost 70% of the Cavan Monaghan boxes tallied Sinn Féin are also looking at a massive success there.

Matt Carthy is set to top the poll and is looking at bringing his Cavan running mate Pauline Tully with over the line with him.

Fine Gael Minister Heather Humphries looks safe and Fianna Fáil's Deputy Brendan Smith should also hold onto his seat.

Fianna Fáil Deputy Niamh Smyth is ahead of Deputy Brendan Smith at the moment, but West Cavan boxes have yet to be tallied and Brendan is sure to be boosted by the return of his home base of West Cavan into the constituency.

Sinn Féin will also expect a boost from the area.

There are four seats up for grab, allies should be available soon, with counting to begin after lunch.

The current tallies show the main players on:

Carthy Sinn Féin has 11,573

Humphries Fine Gael 9,073

O'Reilly Fine Gael 3,650

Smith B Fianna Fail 3,833

Smyth N Fianna Fail 4315

Tully Sinn Féin 6250