All four seats are finally filled in Sligo/Leitrim as MacSharry (FF) and Feighan (FG) fill the final two seats on the fifteenth count

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

MacSharry gains ground in south Donegal, Sligo Leitrim

The seats are finally filled!

After two days of counting, the four seats of Sligo/Leitrim are finally filled in #GE2020.

Marc MacSharry (FF) and Frankie Feighan (FG) have been deemed elected without reaching the quota on the fifteenth count.

The result of the 15th count is as follows:

Feighan, Frankie (FG) +3459 10690

MacSharry, Marc (FF) +843 10734

Scanlon, Eamon (FF) + 970 9316

Non transferable: 766