Arson attempt takes place at home of QIH director's relative

Leitrim Observer reporter


Leitrim Observer reporter


John McCartin: "The threat remains"  following the death of Dublin Jimmy

Cyril McGuinness aka Dublin Jimmy

Gardaí have warned the directors of Quinn Industrial Holdings (QIH) the threat level against them is as “high as it has ever been”.

The notice, which was relayed to QIH CEO Liam McCaffrey at a briefing with senior gardaí in Cavan last month, also confirmed the five senior executives will continue to receive armed protection for “as long as it takes”.

However, the home of a relative of one QIH director in Co Fermanagh, which was not under garda protection, was targeted in an attempted arson attack last weekend. The Irish Independent has learned the incident occurred in the early hours of Saturday near Derrylin when two men tried to set fire to a truck and another vehicle parked near the relative’s home. They were disturbed and sped off before any damage was done and the episode was captured on CCTV.

The incident marks a resumption of violence against the QIH executives which had ceased following the abduction and torture of Kevin Lunney last September.

There had been quiet optimism that the campaign of intimidation would end permanently following the death of Cyril 'Dublin Jimmy' McGuinness, the criminal who had been orchestrating the campaign of intimidation and violence at the behest of the so-called 'paymaster'.

In a statement, Mr McCaffrey said: "Following the savage kidnap and torture of Kevin Lunney last September, this resumption of violence and intimidation is deeply concerning and shows that the perpetrators will stop at nothing until those directing their activities are brought to justice."

He added that he was "relieved" this attack was contained "without loss of life or serious damage".

At a meeting with senior officers in charge of the ongoing criminal investigations on January 27, the directors were warned that the threat against them was still high as ever.

The Irish Independent recently revealed that the joint Garda/PSNI investigation is gearing up for a further series of arrests on both sides of the Border as the probe moves into a new phase.

Investigators have been preparing files for the DPP which are expected to recommend that a number of individuals be charged with either withholding information or providing false information about related criminal activities.

Sources revealed that major progress has been made in each of three separate strands in the overall joint Garda/PSNI investigation, especially following the death of McGuinness which left his criminal organisation in tatters.

Apart from the Lunney abduction and the campaign of intimidation, the Garda National Economic Crime Bureau (GNECB) and CAB are focused on tracing the money trail between McGuinness and the so-called 'paymaster' who is believed to have paid the criminal more than €1m to carry out attacks on his behalf since 2011.

It is understood that investigation has uncovered a "very large amount of technical evidence" gleaned from phones, computers, bank accounts and cash transfers.