HSE West confirm ‘no cases of Covid-19 in Boyle’

Leitrim Observer reporter


Leitrim Observer reporter



HSE West confirm ‘no cases of Covid-19 in Boyle’

Following speculation that there was a case of Covid – 19 in the Boyle area, the Public Health Team in HSE West has issued a statement confirming there is ‘no case in Boyle’, according to boyletoday.com

A spokesperson for the organisation said: “The Public Health Department, HSE West can confirm that there are currently no cases of Covid-19 in the Boyle, Co. Roscommon area”.

The statement was issued last Friday.

There had been unfounded speculation locally that a case/s of the virus were in existence in Boyle.

The misinformation was compounded by an untrue report on a website in Co Leitrim on Thursday that ‘Covid 19 has been detected in Boyle'.

The said report has since been removed from the website and associated social media.

* Please note the Leitrim Observer at no stage has ever uploaded a story in relation to this matter and it was a different Leitrim website who carried the original report.