Public consultation in relation to Carrick-on-Shannon Flood Relief Scheme

Leitrim Observer reporter


Leitrim Observer reporter


Public consultation in relation to Carrick-on-Shannon Flood Relief Scheme

Flooding in Carrick-on-Shannon

Ryan Hanley have been appointed by Leitrim County Council, on behalf of the Office of Public Works and in conjunction with Roscommon County Council, to provide Engineering and Environmental Consultancy Services for the proposed Carrick-on-Shannon Flood Relief Scheme. This project is a follow-on from the CFRAM Study prepared by the OPW.

The first stage of this project is to prepare a Constraints Study in order to identify the key engineering and environmental issues within the defined Study and Scheme Areas, which may be impacted upon by possible flood alleviation measures and / or which may impose constraints on the viability and / or design of these measures.

In the absence of the capacity to hold a physical Public Consultation & Information Gathering Event, due to the Covid-19 restrictions, Ryan Hanley have been advised by Leitrim County Council to engage in this process by direct distribution of information by post in the Carrick on Shannon/ Cortober area and facilitating input from the public and stakeholders via return of questionnaire and / or online responses.  

All information regarding the Public Consultation Process can be viewed on the Carrick on Shannon Flood Relief Scheme website: https://carrickonshannonfrs. ie/project-info/public- engagement/

They welcome your comments in relation to the Study and Scheme Areas and particularly in relation to any relevant engineering and environmental factors that may be impacted upon by a potential Flood Relief Scheme.

They request that all submissions be made during the public consultation period from the 28th July to the 14th August 2020. Please submit any comments in writing via post or email  (addresses provided on the website).

A second public consultation will take place later on during the preparation of the Environmental Impact Assessment Report for the scheme - at which stage details of the engineering measures proposed will be available.

There will be further opportunity to comment at that stage.