Covid case numbers continue to increase in Leitrim and surrounding counties

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Covid update:

Leitrim's Covid-19 update

Tonight's Covid figures reveals 24 new cases of the coronavirus in Leitrim. There are now 153 active cases of Covid in the county over the past 14 days. Our incidence level is 477.5 - the third lowest in Ireland.

Roscommon has 25 new cases bringing their active cases to 310 over the past two weeks. They have the fourth lowest incidence rate at 480.3.

Longford recorded 78 new cases today, they now have 266 active cases over 14 days.

Cavan has 160 new cases confirmed, they are dealing with 772 active cases from the past two weeks.

Donegal announced 231 new covid cases today, but they have been knocked from their status at top of table for incidence levels by Monaghan. Donegal have 1676active cases in the county.

The 7-day incidence is now 650.9, while the the 5-day moving average of cases stands at 5,524.

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