Covid cases begin to decrease in Leitrim

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Covid update:

Leitrim's Covid-19 update

After the shocking figure of another 63 Covid related deaths reported today, there is some good news in leitrim it seems our covid cases are dropping again.

Tonight less than five cases have been reported in Leitrim. We return to having the lowest incidence rate in the county (705.3) and have 226 active covid cases from the past 14 days.

Longford reported 28 new cases today, they have 399 active cases over the past fortnight. Roscommon has confirmed 27 cases today, they are dealing with 655 active cases.

14 new cases were recorded in Sligo, they have 730 active cases in the county.

Donegal has moved midtable in the rate of incidence levels, they have 126 new cases recorded today. there are 2,359 active cases over 14 days in the county.

Cavan reports 66 new cases and they now have 1,142 active cases from the past fortnight.

The 7 day incidence is 799.1

The 5-day moving average is 4,659