44% of Connacht people working from home are experiencing back/neck pains

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Back ache office desk

 New research by Ireland’s leading chiropractic clinic group reveals that 44% of people from Connacht working from home due to Covid-19 restrictions are experiencing back or neck pains, or both. The Chiropractix Your Spine Matters study found that of the 47% of people working from home all or some of the time, 57% use ordinary home furniture while 18% use a mix of home and office furniture. 22% have personally provided office furniture while 4% have had office furniture organised by their employer.  

The research also found that 41% of people working from home in Connacht would value exercises for reducing back or neck pains. 38% would value regular chiropractic or physiotherapy sessions to manage back/neck pain while 21% would value advice on the correct posture while working. 

Paul Bradley, Clinical Director, Chiropractix, said, “We’ve seen a significant increase in patients experiencing back or neck pain as a result of working from home. It is so important to use an ergonomically designed chair and ensure that your computer screen is at the appropriate height. Taking regular breaks away from the desk to stretch is also vital. Don’t let the situation fester – talk to your employer about getting proper office furniture, a supportive chair at a minimum – or make an appointment with your chiropractor.” 

25% of people surveyed are, or have a family member, working from home most or all the time with a further 14% working from home sometimes. 

Maaike van der Leeden, a 33-year-old data analyst living in Galway, was very conscious of having the correct posture while working from home.  

“As someone who suffers from acute neck and back pain it is important that I use an ergonomically designed chair and have the correct desk and laptop set up,” said Maaike. “Working from home due to the lockdown means I’m missing the exercise that occurs naturally during the day – walking to and around the office, up and down stairs, out to lunch etc. Now I have to make an effort to remember to walk in the evening after work."

The International Association for the Study of Pain has designated 2021 the Global Year About Back Pain. The organisation aims to help clinicians, scientists, those living with pain, and the public understand the nature of back pain and available treatments. 

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