Kinlough Community Development raises €100,000 for pitch

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News Reporter

Kinlough Community Development raises €100,000 for pitch

Committee members Liam Freeburn, Pat Gallagher, Katherine Williams, Patsy McGovern, Dessie Sheridan, Justin Warnock, Noel McGowan, Martin McCarron, Larry Maxwell and Mark Cleary

Over the past year Kinlough Community Development have worked tirelessly and have fundraised almost €100,000 towards the redevelopment works at the pitch and car park.

The works by Curran Contracts and Kieran Walsh Builders have taken place and gone exceptionally well and the mild weather has resulted in excellent grass growth.

The positive response to date from the community and further afield has been phenomenal.

Pat Gallagher, chairman of the fundraising committee said: “The response from local families and businesses has been fantastic. People realised it was time that the community got together and got things moving.

“The young population we have in the area need good facilities and parents realise that if we all don’t put our shoulder to the wheel we will be left behind. It’s a time for going out and being proactive.

“Nobody will come along and give us new facilities. We have to fundraise ourselves for the good of our children and our community. For anyone who hopes to support the project by purchasing a ticket there are still a few weeks left.

“We have ambitious plans for the future. Let’s make it a great future for our community. We need everyone’s support.”

Grant aid was also secured from sports capital, Leitrim community enhancement and Leitrim town and village funds to assist these projects.

The €5,000 grand prize draw for anyone who purchased a €100 ticket will be held on Easter Monday at half time at the bank holiday Monday bingo in Kinlough and anyone that indicated they would like to purchase a ticket still has time to to do so.

Your name will be on a sign for all time at the new pitch commemorating the support you have given.

Further works are due to begin on the pitch later this spring along with extension work to the community centre which will enhance all work currently taken place.